OLIENA (Open Language Interface for Enhanced Network Activity) is an open platform – so create your own videos, bind them together, import them, and OLIENA will play them all. Individualized compilations typically contain videos of the patient’s life, present and past, and their family and friends.

In addition, the OLIENA import function is useful for languages which are not covered by OLIENA. Anyone willing to translate the OLIENA data set into another language and produce the corresponding videos will have access to our word and sentence database. Contact Bernd Sebastian Kamps for this purpose.

Finally, creating individualized videos may prove invaluable for patients who have lost languages acquired later in life but retain memories from minority languages learned during infancy. The following example shows an Italian dialect called Tabarchìn used by less than 10,000 people on a 10 x 10 km island off the Sardinian south-west coast.

Download the following compilations to your mobile device, then open the OLIENA menu and click ‘Import’:


Producing and importing your own videos into OLIENA is straightforward:

  1. Shoot your videos;
  2. Bundle them together in an archive zip file;
  3. Transfer the zip file to an Android device (tablet or smartphone) where OLIENA is installed.

To get familiar with this process, let’s start with the last step, #3, and (1) transfer a ready-to-use video compilation to your tablet or smartphone. Later, (2) create a compilation from scratch. Finally, consider (3) realizing a vaster video shooting program, either for use at your institution or for distribution at a national or international level .