The Patient and OLIENA

In the early days after a stroke, patients may not be able to manage the OLIENA app without help. In these cases, caregivers, speech therapists and physicians will prepare the app and monitor its use.

From our experience with second-language acquisition (please see we hypothesize that patients with post-stroke aphasia will benefit from intense language exposure. ‘Intense exposure’ means hundreds of exposures to single words and sentences. Daily exercises would be not less than 30 minutes, ideally longer (60 to 90 minutes if the patient agrees). We expect the best results with continuous training for periods of 6 months to years.

Preparing OLIENA for a patient consists of selecting the content and of downloading the videos (see the Summary, page 3). Before selecting the content, see the complete list of words and sentences included in the OLIENA compilations (see PDF; English: page 49; Italian: page 63). A possible study scheme is available for download (page 17).

For a detailed description of all OLIENA functions, see the the PDF, page 19.