OLIENA is an Ear2Memory spin-off. In November 2016, during the launch days of our language learning app, we had dinner with Thomas Kamradt. While discussing learning Greek, Russian, Turkish, Japanese and Chinese with Ear2Memory, Thomas suddenly asked, ‘And would it work with aphasic patients too?’ A few weeks later, I met Maurizio Melis at the Cagliari Stroke Unit on the 6th floor of Brotzu Hospital, Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy. He was fairly skeptical about my proposal but still introduced me to Monica Limoncino, a speech therapist at the Neurorehabilitation Center a floor above. After a one-hour discussion about language learning and aphasia treatment, Monica and I decided to give Thomas’s idea a trial and create a smartphone app for people with aphasia willing to restudy their language every day. As with Ear2Memory, we committed ourselves to deliver the best conceivable service and, as always, offer it for free.

In a revival of last year’s Ear2Memory exploit, OLIENA was coded by my brother Stephan who made his assembler/machine language computer debut 34 years ago. Without Stephan, there would be no OLIENA.

Bernd Sebastian Kamps

1 February 2018